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red flower moroccan rose petal topped candle

red flower moroccan rose petal topped candle
Price: $42.00
6.0 oz / 177.4 mL
take the rarest & most valuable of roses & put them in a natural burning wax along with patchouli & spiced cori&er & you get a scented c&le that gives off a sensual & velvety scent that lasts for 50 hours.
Description & Specs

pure flower fragrance fills a room with the intense scent of just-picked flowers. nature's bloom is transported indoors.

blended with the purest natural-burning wax for 50 hours of breathing, watching, lighting & living. a slow, velvety & clean burn. topped with a cotton wick & scented petals, which can be emptied into a small dish to subtly scent a room.


after removing the potpourri, trim the wick & light it. trim wick to 3/4 length after each burning to prolong the life of your candle.


coriander whole essential oil, damask rose oil, food grade dye, patchouli oil, rosa damascena oil, steam distillation, vegetable-based candle wax